What is Opening Notes?

ATTENTION: CLASSES ARE ON HOLD STARTING MARCH 16, 2020. Please contact your teacher for more information and stay tuned for updates.

We are a community-based organization supporting instrumental music in Littleton Public Schools. Under the umbrella of the Littleton Community Music Association, our basic objective is to increase the number of kids who participate in middle school and high school instrumental music programs. We want to provide more students with the broad benefits derived from participation in instrumental music.

We are taking two paths. The first is to develop elementary school band programs to serve as feeders to the middle school programs. We are currently operating eight such programs. The second is to provide funding for middle school teachers to bring in instrumental specialists to work with individuals or small groups as needed to improve skill and confidence.



Why Play a Musical Instrument

While many students have found playing an instrument to be a very enjoyable activity, teachers, parents, and researchers have found other advantages. Here are some:

  • Music is UNIVERSAL!
  • Music provides an aesthetic experience that can be found no where else.
  • Music is a billion dollar industry and there are hundreds of jobs in music.
  • Everyone plays. Unlike sports, there is no “bench.”
  • Band and orchestra are two of the only school activities in which boys and girls play and develop together, greatly increasing trust and understanding between genders.
  • Kids are less likely to have drug or alcohol issues, and less likely to have discipline problems when they participate in music.
  • Band and orchestra provides a common ground for all students, no matter their other interests.
  • It’s something people can do their entire lives, whether alone, with a friend, with a small group, or with a large group.
  • Music is truly the universal language. Many kids in our school district have had an opportunity to travel to Europe, China, or Japan to play music.
  • Students will develop an appreciation for all kinds of music – not just that which is currently popular.



What Do People like Pharrell Williams and Governor Hickenlooper say about playing an instrument?

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