Volunteer Opportunities

We are a volunteer organization supporting instrumental music in Littleton Public Schools. We pay our instructors, and we pay Kolacny Music to repair instruments, but every other aspect of our organization is staffed and supported by people volunteering their time and services.

We have many potential opportunities for someone who wants to donate some time to our venture.

Instrument Inventory Watchdog – We have received over forty instruments from various sources, and will be receiving more in the coming year. These are used by the students whose families can’t afford to buy or rent one, and are in a variety of conditions before and after their use. We need someone to keep track of which students have which instruments, work with our teachers and Kolacny Music to determine their need for repair, and help with introducing new instruments into the inventory and ushering some to an instrument cemetery.

Adopt a Band Class – Each of our classes is taught by a professional musician or a music educator. For each class, we also have an assistant instructor, guaranteeing that the class is not going to be delayed by instrument issues of one student and making sure that kids in need of particular assistance can receive it while the class continues. But the class, and the school, can benefit from having one person help on occasion with class logistics; getting reeds, music or other last-minute supplies; helping with communication with the parents; helping coordinate concert activity; and all the other fun things that arise.

Concerts and Kids – We started this year to provide brief concerts at two schools during the lunch periods for 3rd, 4th, and 5th graders. We ask musicians to come perform 3 separate 15-minute concerts, and it has been very well-received. But we would like to expand to other schools, and we would like to expand the number and variety of musicians. We could use some help in this venture.

Communication Helper (or Leader) – We currently communicate with parents at each specific school. But we would like to greatly expand our communication to the broader community. We would like to create a Facebook page and strategy, we would like to get in touch with the various booster groups in the District and the alumni who owe at least some of their success to their experience in a band or orchestra.

Tracking Our Success – Our objective is to increase the participation and retention of students in middle school and high school band programs in Littleton Public Schools. We need assistance in determining how best to do that, and in obtaining the data from the District and the schools. The District is very supportive of our activities, and will provide us with data within the confines of their privacy concerns. We need to figure out how to best do that.

To discuss your interest in helping us with our program, please contact either of the following people:

Tom Haller


Beth Kahananui


Chuck Florian