Why Play A Musical Instrument?

While many students have found playing an instrument to be a very enjoyable activity, many teachers, parents, and researchers have found other advantages. Here are some:

Academics and Studying:

Kids who play an instrument: (all statistics come from published research):

  • Do better in math
  • Have a better grasp of fractions, counting, patterns, ratios, and proportions
  • Are usually better than others in reading and English
  • Have higher SAT scores
  • Do better in standardized testing
  • Stay in school and graduate
  • Attend college and receive scholarships
  • Are better listeners, because much of learning to play is based on listening and differentiating
  • Can be more comfortable in front of a class and in taking tests

Social Stuff:

Some of the other benefits of playing an instrument are social or interpersonal in nature:

  • Unlike sports, there is no “bench.” Everyone plays.
  • It is one of the only school activities in which boys and girls play and develop together, greatly increasing trust and understanding between genders
  • Band and orchestra kids are less likely to have drug or alcohol issues, and less likely to have discipline problems
  • Band and orchestra provides a common ground for all students, no matter their other interests
  • It’s something they can do the rest of their lives, whether alone, with a friend, with a small group, or with a large group
  • Music is truly the universal language. Many kids in our school district have had an opportunity to travel to Europe, China, or Japan to play music
  • They will develop an appreciation for all kinds of music – not just that which is currently popular